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He Gets The Gospel Across With His Music

28 Feb

Kyrkpressen (The Finnish National Weekly Church Magazine)       (Original title of interview in swedish)=Han missionerar genom sin musik. (Translation from original text in Swedish with additional text for better clarification in English) In March or April, just months after he released the album LININ ‘TRACK, the next album of… Read more »

Who’s The Audience? / Qui Compose L’Auditoire?

22 Feb

I used to view the worship service in church as a time for entertainment. Speaking of folks like me, Sören Kierkegaard said that we tend to think of church as a kind of theater: We sit in the audience, attentively watching the actors onstage. If sufficiently entertained, we show our… Read more »

Lemon Chess Pie! True “Comfort Food”

4 Feb

The first time I remember hearing of a Chess pie was as a little boy at my family’s house in Dallas. There was this pie on our dining room table and everyone had practically “wolfed-it-down”= (eaten it all up like a ravaging wolf!), until there was only a tiny piece… Read more »

Red Wine Beef Casserole with Mushrooms and Bacon!

2 Feb

Rödvin Köttgryta med svamp och bacon! This time a delicious fillet of pork with carrots, yellow onions, garlic, smoked bacon, red wine, orange peelings, butter, tomato purée, mushrooms, baby cocktail onions, bay leaf, thyme, french sea salt, peppercorns, and other stuff! Then it has to simmer for about 2 hours… Read more »