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Beware of Jumping To Conclusions!

29 Oct

The e-mail contained nothing but some information that I assumed was meant for me, and it came from someone I did not know very well at the time. I thought that the info was aimed at me, in an accusing way, and I was angry that someone who didn’t really… Read more »

Ice hockey, Racism

28 Oct

(article in Swedish) Racism strikes again in Finland. After Finland won the ice hockey World Cup jumped up negative vibes: racism woke up again. Yesterday I could read from facebook from my friends status’ how badly some Finns were treating people from other cultures, even children. A friend of mine,… Read more »

Active Compassion.

23 Oct

Ask the Holy Spirit to place someone on your heart to help, in Jesus’ name. Then take action. Make a difference today. Send a card. Give a gift. Offer a ride. Make a call. Love in deed is Love indeed. Petits enfants, n’aimons pas en parole ni avec la langue,… Read more »