A Grateful Man Sings About It (Vasabladet newspaper)

21 Oct

A Grateful Man Sings About It
En tacksam man sjunger ut

(Vasabladet)=Vasa City’s Daily Newspaper



English translation from the original Swedish language review.

CD Review
“Dying To Live!”
Christian-Charles de Plicque
Angel House Records, Finland


Christian-Charles de Plicque is a grateful man. He thanks God and the people of Finland.

“You have accepted me as one of your own”, he wrote on the cd brochure to his latest CD, “Dying to Live!”.

It feels good that someone from outside (not born and raised in our country) feels so deeply about this, in times like these.

de Plicque was born in the U.S., has English and French as his two languages, and has been, for over 20 years, a Finnish citizen living in Kokkola.

Gospel is his music. As an ambassador of gospel music, he travels around the world spreading the Word of God.

It is also the gospel that is his song on: “Dying to Live!”.

And it is a thoroughly well-conceived album that he invites the listener in. The songs he performs are written by established names in the Gospel field. These include both Mahalia Jackson, Andraé Crouch and Inez Andrews.

The sheer variety of the melodies is wonderful. And for me, a person that tends to think that gospel music can be a bit monotonous after a while, usually with a choir, in the same high tempo, from the very first chord. But in Christian-Charles de Plicque’s songs we find both calm and and power-pumping. This is true with both of his music and his lyrics.

The musicians working with him are first class. Everyone from jazz pianist Christian Gull to trumpetist Rockard Slotte, the Chamber Orchestra String Section and background vocalists with Daniela Forsén, Camilla Cederholm and Sebastian Holmgård.

In addition to the above, he also has the eminent and legendary guitarist Jarkka Rissanen, who has been by his side for over 24 years.

The texts are in many ways typical of gospel texts: That God gets all the glory and the singer continues to serve him with all his life.

But Christian-Charles de Plicque in his songs are colored with gospel tones and filled with his Texas blues/gospel roots.

I really like this cd. But is the market really ready for all of the cds of de Plicque?

Reviews of his previous album (released only a few months before this one!): “Linin’ Track!” is included in Vasa Citys’ Daily Newspaper: January 21, 2011

Max-ola Nordlund

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