Personal History

Christian-Charles Milton de Plicque’s Incomplete Curriculum Vitae update


August 25, 1948, Dallas, Texas USA


Family Ancestry:

France, Louisiana USA


Mother Tongues:

English, French (other languages: Swedish and Finnish)



Mr. and Mrs. W. Frank Daniel. Mother deceased



Married Jean-Beatrice de Plicque, September 24, 1974. Deceased: March 15, 1982. No children.
Became a Permanent Resident of Finland 1991.


Elementary Education:


Phyllis Wheatley Elementary School , Dallas, Texas 1950’s-1960
James Madison High School
Dallas Texas 1960-1965
North Dallas High School
Dallas, Texas 1965-1966, Graduated in 1966
College Education:
El Centro College, Dallas Texas


Studied Languages:

The Swedish Language and Finnish Society and Culture
from Kronoby Folkhögskola 31st May 1997. Kronoby Finland
Studied at The Alliance Française Institute, Paris France .
AKK Institute, Karleby/Kokkola 2000-2001


Special Training:

Junior Executive Trainee Program
Neiman-Marcus Specialty Department Store, Main Dallas Branch
Sales in Crystal, China and Children’s Toys 1966-
Warner Brothers Film and Records
Las Colinas Division
Head Certified Public Accountant,Accounts Department
Irving Texas 1978-1979


Theological Education:

Christ For The Nations Institute 1979
Ordained into the Ministry on the Campus of Christ For The Nations
February 8, 1982 by The Full Gospel Christian Fellowship
Reverend Herbert England, CFNI Staff, presiding.
Certificate of Ordination number: 379-61.
Missions work with the late Pastor and Mrs. Ted Swann, England 1980.
Missionary to France 1980-1988


Church Membership:

Active member of La Communité du Point du Jour Église (The Break of Day Church), Paris France: 1980-1988. Member of the Finnish Swedish-speaking Evangelical Lutheran Church in Karleby Finland.Associate member (because of foreign residency) of Faith Lutheran Church, Austin Texas USA.


Special Events Attended:

One of the chosen Itinerant Evangelists, to represent France at the 1983 International Conference for Itinerant Evangelists in Amsterdam Holland 1983. Organised by The Executive Committee and Dr. Billy Graham. Guest of the Italian Christian Artists Association for a one month Ministry Tour of Italy, March 1991. Television appearance with the Bishop of Assisi and the president of the italian televisioncompany RAI on “Christian Music In The World Today.”


Associations founded:

Founded l’Association de l’Amour du Christ pour Atteindre le Monde
(The Love of Christ Reaching Out To The World Association)
Paris France 1981
Founded: Angel House International Association March 9,1994
Association’s Registration number in Finland: 160356


Membership with:

Registered as an Professional member of the International Artists Union,
Christian Artists Europe, Rotterdam Holland
Christian Artists South Africa.
Member of The Association For Foreigners in Finland, Helsinki Finland.
Member of The Gospel Music Association, Nashville Tennessee.
Member of Christian Artists Finland, Helsinki Finland.
Free-lance Clergyman in the Swedish-speaking (Karleby/Kokkola) Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
Gospel Power Association, Tampere Finland.
ESEK Corporation, Helsinki
Gramex Corporation, Helsinki
The French artistic assoication, Nozart, Toulouse France


Ev. Lutheran Finnish and Swedish-speaking Congregations worked with:

First worked with the city of Nastola Finlands Ev. Lut. Church in the 1980’s before officially moving to Finland. Head Pastor Aslak Kettunen.
The congregation of Lathi Finland. The congregation of Tampere Finland,
Youth Director Pastor Timo Takala 1990. The congregation of Hakunila, Youth Director Jouko Saari. The Swedish-speaking Ev. Lut. Congregation, Karleby/Kokkola
The International Church in Helsinki. Churches in the Helsinki and surrounding area
Vasa City Congregation. Oulu City Congregation. Närpes City Congregation
Kronoby City Congregation. Karis City Congregation
Pieksämäki City Congregation. Elimäki City Congregation. Ikaalinen City Congregation
Sysmän City Congregation. and other congregations all over Finland


Organisations worked with:

Lähetysnuoret ry (Youth With A Mission), Helsinki, Tapani Suonto, Urban Director
Operation Mobilisation, Belgium.. Youth With A Mission, Holland and Switzerland
SEKL Ryttylä


Journalistic work:

Free-lance journalist for the finnish Music Mission Magazine, based in Helsinki Finland.
Free-lance journalist for Karlebys’ Österbottningen local swedish-speaking newspaper since 1995. Journalistic work with Finland’s swedish-speaking ev. lut. Kyrkpressen (Church Press) weekly magazine. En Väg Magazine, Swedish-speaking Free Church, Helsinki.
Finlands’ Helsingin Sanomat (Helsinki’s National Daily Newspaper)


Lectures on:

Hur År Det Att Vara Svart I Finland? Miltä Tuntuu Olla Musta Mies Suomessa? (What Is It Like To Be A Black Man In Finland?) Jugendsalen: 2-3 March 1993, Helsinki, Organised by the City Cultural Department of Helsinki. These lectures continue through 2001


Some of the Musical Festivals where the Gospel was presented:

Music Vision Festivals, Helsinki 1990
Imatra City Big Band Festival
Kaustinen City Folk Music Festival
April Jazz Festival, Helsinki
Joensuu City Annual Gospel Festival, 1996 and 1997 with “The Black Gospel Band!”
Förbundet Kyrkans Ungdom Festivals, Pörkenäs Finland
Ristirock Annual (Crossrock) Festival, 1988 and 1989 Tampere Finland
Skærgårdsgospel Annual (Seaside) Festival, Kragerø Norway July 1986 and 1987.
Juhannus (Midsummer) Gospel Festival, Olavinlinna Finland
Just Jazz Festival, Tammisaari Finland
Music Mission Festivals, Helsinki
Kokkola City Gospel Festival
Kankaanpään Seurakunnan Nuoret Kevät-Kankaapää City Youth Spring Fesitval 1990
Black Gospel Concert, Ristinkirkossa (The Cross Church), Lahti March 27, 1987.
Lahti City Gospel Festival, November 1987
Oulu City Gospel Festival, 1988
Christian-Charles de Plicque “In Concert”, at The Kouvolu City Concert Hall, November 1987.
Kesäyön Kesytön Juhannusrock Festival (Midsummer Festival), Padasjoki Finland, June 1984.
Tuli Festival (Fire Festival), Helsinki. Organised by Perjantai Kristukselle.
Vuoden 1988 Vastaan-Ottajaiset. November 31, 1987, Nastola Finland
Jazzkevät Festival (Spring Jazz Festival), Kajaani Finland, May 1995
Maata Näkyvissä Tapahtuma, Turku City, November 1990 SLEY Organisation.
Dinosaurock Festival, Mikkeli Finland, July 1990.
America Day Festival. Tornio Finland. August 1992
Reipasta Gospelia Festival, Kouvola City, 1989
Loppiastatapahtuma, January 1989. City of Lempäälä.
Christian-Charles de Plicques’ Morsdagen Concert (Mothers’ Day), Jakobstad Finland, Runebergsalen (Runebergs Concert Hall), May 8, 1994.
3rd Vasa City Körfestival (Choir Festival), May 1995
Tampere City-Aktio, September 1989.
Sing Out The Gospel Concert, Malmi Church,Helsinki area.
Toivekonsertti Finlandia Concert House, Helsinki. October 14, 1990.
Pieksämäen Kulttuurikeskus. Pääsiäskonsertti (The city of Pieksämäki’s Cultural Center), Easter Concert, April 8, 1990.
Ikaalinen City Youth Festival, September 7, 1988.
Living Gospel Concert, Temppeliaukion Church, Helsinki, October 28, 1987.
Evankeliumi Elämäntapama, Ryttylä Finland City March 1989.
Evankeliset Musiikkimessut, February 1989, Helsinki.
Musiikillinen Yleisätapahtuma, Turku City, March 1987.
Concert: En kväll för Afghanistan, Helsinki, November 15, 1995
Midsommar Festival, Pörkenäs Sällskapet, FKU Organisation, June 24, 1994
Raahen Musiikkiviikot 1989
Suomen Lähetysseuran Työtekijäpäivät, January 8-9, 1994, Helsinki
Blues Live Festival 1993, Jyväskyla City
VÅROAS, Vasa City, March 1994
Scandinavian Blues Festival, Karleby/Kokkola, August 1995
Christian-Charles de Plicque “Live!”, Savoy Theater,Helsinki, 1993
Quiet Action Youth Easter Festival, SEKL Ryttylä 1998
1st Gospel Festival in Viljandi Estonia, August 1998
with the finnish Black Gospel Band!
Jazz Festival: Jazz sur son 31 in Toulouse France Octobre 1998
with the french”Full Tilt Band”!
Kaamos Jazz Festival, Lapland, 1989, 1998, 1999
Radio Dei’s Celebration-Messutkeskus in Pasila (Helsinki: November 3 1999
Gailliac Annual Blues and Gospel Festival: March 2000 (South of France: Toulouse area)
Gällande Hope 2000 Festival i Vasa Finland, May 13, 2000
Radio Dei’s 4th Celebration at the Savoy Theater, Helsinki: 3 November 2000
Backstage Club, Karleby(Kokkola): 13.1.2001
Gamlakarleby kyrkan (Old Karlebys’ Church) Concert of Negro Spirituals and Gospel Song with pianist Stefan Jansson: 2001
Poland Annual International Gospel Festival: 17-20.2001


Recording of the Month:

“Nothin’ But The Truth!” Profile Records 1989, Helsinki. Voted Album of the Month by Finlands’ Number One Secular Music Magazine: Musiikkiuutiset November 1989.
Musicals, Films, Videos
Simon Kyreneläinen (Simon of Cyrene) Finland 1990
Cast of 100 singers, dancers, actors…Symphonic Orchestra
Christian-Charles de Plicque as “Simon”. His first performance in an all finnish language production. Film now available on video and CD with French and English translations upon demand from Finngospel Music Store in Helsinki.
Télévision Française 1984 Euro-Media Production, Paris France
South African Television Appearance 1984
“God Verandert Mensen” EO Television Holland 1986
MTV YLE April Jazz Festival, The Christian-Charles de Plique Quintent ’87
Kouvola City “Crossroads” Album Release Concert, 1988 Finland
Christian-Charles de Plicque “In Concert”. Vasa Finland 1994
Christian-Charles de Plicque: FST Zoo Television Finland1994
Italian Tour 1992


Compact Discs, Albums Recorded:

This Is The Hour, Paris France 1982
Crossroads, Germany 1987
Nothin’ But The Truth!, Profile Records 1989
Simon Kyreneläinen (Simon of Cyrene) Musical and Film Soundtrack, Finngospel, Helsinki Finland 1990



Marionette, Polydor Disques,.Paris France Number One Maxi-single
Up From The Ether!
The Blues Don’t Care About You!
Bluelight Records, Helsinki 1993


Special Guest Recording Appearances:

Pepe Ahlqvist’s: “On The Ground” CD, Fazer Records Helsinki, 1990
Pepe Ahlqvist and Jari Rissanen’s “Good Act” CD,Fazer Records, 1992
“Black On The Rock”, Jouko Kantola,Finngospel Records, 1994
“Doggone Blues CD.” Pepe Ahlqvist and guitarist Jari Rissanen 1998
“Tigerbeat” on Bluelight Records Helsinki
April 1999 Pepe Alhqvist, Jari Rissanen and the group Tumbleweed
Record Labels Recorded for:
Bluelight Records, Helsinki Finland. Fazer Records, Helsinki Finland
Finngospel, Helsinki Finland. Lord Records, Germany
Atteindre le Monde Disques, Paris France. Polydor Records, Paris France
Profile Records, Helsinki Finland


Guest Soloist with:

Oikeuomene Choir, Vasa Finland
His Master’s Noise Choir, Helsinki, Malin Storbjörk-Hästbacka Director
Take Off Choir, Jakobstad Finland, Stefan Mryskog Director
Jouko Kantola, pianist and composer
Stefan Jansson, pianist
“Max” Markku Tabell, pianist, arranger
Kairos Choir Pentecostal Church, Helsinki
Countries Toured and Ministered in:
Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, South Africa, Finland, Switzerland, United States, England, Wales, Estonia, Poland


Newspaper Write-ups in Finland and Sweden:

Sana Church Newspaper, February 22, 1989
Symbaali Music Magazine, July 1989
Ilta lehti, April 21, 1987
Soundi Music Magazine, October 1990
Sana Church Newspaper, October 25, 1989
Etelä-Suomen Sanomat. November 1983
Viiskunta Newspaper, October 31,1989
Lansivayla Newspaper, July 1, 1990
Nastola Lehti, November 26, 1987
Kotimaa Church Newspaper, November 17, 1989
Nastola Lehti, December 28, 1986
Etelä-Uusimaa, February 18, 1993
Nastola Lehti, October 1, 1987
Savon Sanomat, March 3, 1989
Ristin Voitto, May 17, 1990
Ilkka, November 6, 1989
Helsingin Sanomat, June 30, 1990
Iisalmen Sanomat, May 9, 1990
Pohjois-Satakunta (Ikaalinen), July 7, 1992
Pohjois-Satakunta, September 1, 1988
Kouvolan Sanomat, May 3, 1990
Viiskunta (Alavus), November 7, 1989
Uusi Suomi Newspaper, February 27, 1989
Kirkko Kaupunki, October 28, 1987
Aamulehti, March 25, 1990
Kotimaa Church Newspaper, November 17, 1989
Helsinki Sanomat Newspaper, September 12, 1990
Nastola Lehti, September 21, 1987
Lapin Kansa, November 30, 1987
Kaleva, November 30, 1987
Helsingin Sanomat, April 21, 1987
Kirkko Kaupunki (City Church Newspaper), September 27, 1989
Nastola Lehti, January 11, 1988
Nastola Lehti, January 18, 1986
Kaleva Newspaper, November 7, 1988
Kalajokilaakso-Kalajoki-Alavieska, June 6, 1995
Ilta Lehti, November 26, 1983
Peiksämäen Lehti, April 11, 1990
Raahe Seutu, January 1989
Itä-Häme Newspaper, February 4, 1989
Kotimaa Church Newspaper, February 28, 1989
Turun Sanomat, October 14, 1988
Uusi Suomi Newspaper, January 4, 1990
Vasabladet, February 17, 1994
Jakobstad Tidning, July 24, 1994
Luleä Swedens’ Kuriren 1994
Jakobstads Tidning, November 23, 1994
Österbottningen Newspaper, May 6, 1994
Österbottningen Newspaper, May 31, 1994
Elimäen Sanomat, August 31, 1988
Keskipohjanmaa, March 11, 1993
Keskipohjanmaa, March 12, 1993
Kotimaa Ev. Lut. Church Newspaper, January 26, 1990
Austin Texas’ American Statesman, May 16, 1993
Ylä-Vuoksi, July 8, 1989
Kaleva Newspaper, November 7, 1988
Karjalainen Newspaper, July 28, 1996
Piteä City Newspaper (Sweden), July 28, 1995
Sunnuntai Uutiset (Sunday Newspaper), March 22, 1990′
Kyrkpressen, October 20, 1994
ÖB, May 27, 1994
Hufvudstadsbladet (The Finnish National Swedish Newspaper: Oct. 17,1993 and Oct. 16, 1993.
ÖB, Sept. 20, 1994
ÖB, November 1, 1994
ÖB, October 28, 1994
ÖB, May 10, 1994
ÖB, November 12, 1993
Jakobstads Tidning, July 24, 1994
ÖB, January 23, 1994
Jakobstads Tidning, May 12, 1996
Vasabladet, May 24-28, 1995
ÖB, March 1, 1994
Kyrkpressen, November 15, 1992
Kyrkpressen, November 24, 1994
ÖB, July 14, 1994
Kyrkpressen, March 17, 1994
Kyrkpressen, July 6, 1995
ÖB, October 25, 1995
Kyrkpressen, December 1994
ÖB, June 3, 1995
ÖB, May 27, 1995
ÖB, April 1, 1995
NSD Newspaper, Flakasand Sweden, August 1, 1995
ÖB, June 16, 1994
Kyrkpressen, June 16, 1994
Vasabladet, February 25, 1994
Karjalainen Newspaper, July 31, 1996
Karjalan Maa, July 30, 1996
Vasabladet, May 8, 1994
ÖB, July 1994
Kyrkpressen, November 5, 1995
Kavela, November 4, 1988
OÖ, November 11, 1994
ÖB, November 18, 1994
Sana, February 2, 1994
Pohjois-Kymenlaakso, November 15, 1987
Keskisuomalainen, October 8, 1993
Kaleva, February 1, 1989
Lapin Kansa November 1998


Journalistic Articles for En väg Magazine :

1998 “This I Believe”


Jounalistic Articles for Kyrkpressen, Weekly church Newspaper:

January 1999 Fotbollsmachen (Football Game)
February 1999 Alla hjärtans dag (Valentines’ Day)


Journalistic Articles for: Music Mission Magazine:

December 1995 Lähetystehtävä: Helppo Homma? (Missions: Easy?)
June 1996 Voitto Kottin, Mutta Miten?
December 1996 Aplodit Kirkossa (Applause In Church)
December 1997 Hartaus (Worship)
1998 Pushing Against The Rock
December 1998 His Disciples?
March 1999 Funny Isn’t It?
October 1999 Näkökulma…ni: In My Opinion
Decembeer 1999 Dry Bones Shall Live! So Dance With Joy!
December 1999 Bancing, Dance, Dances: Bible Style!


Journalistic Articles for: Helsingin Sanomat (Finlands’ National Daily Newspaper)

September 1998 Surfailu päättyi puhelinlaskuun (Surfing the Web)


Jounalistic Articles for: Dynamite News Magazine

March 1999 Funny Isn’t It?
Journalistic Articles for Österbottningen Newspaper:
December 8, 1996: Det måste vara mitt fel (It Must Be Me)
December 22, 1996: Jul bland främlingar (Christmas Away From Home)
June 21, 1996: Mänskor (People)
April 12, 1996: Hur man skall utveckla det bästa (How To Excell)
July 18, 1996: Hjärtan av guld (Hearts Of Gold)
June 28, 1996: En cowboy i bastun! (Cowboy In The Sauna!)
July 11, 1996: Det osäkra livet (An Outside Look From Inside)
September 20, 1996: Legalisering av narkotika (Decriminalisation)
August 14, 1996 Genom mitt fönster (Through My Window)
August 17 1996 Genom mitt fönster del 2
December 15, 1996: Våra psalmer (Linking Sense and Sound)
November 7, 1996: Män som tror på kärlek (Men Who Believe In Love)
July 31, 1996: Kalla mej Herr! (Call Me Mister!)
November 13, 1996: Så talar du med en utlänning (How To Talk To A Foreigner)
July 7, 1996: Vem behöver kyrkan? (Who Needs The Church?)
June 16, 1996: Missionsarbete-lätt some en plätt? (Missions: An Easy Job?)
March 17, 1996: Finland-värför inte? (Finland-Why Not?)
June 9, 1996: Är vi människofientliga? (Are We Misanthropic?)
December 1996 Det måste vara mitt fel (It Must Be My Fault)
May 25, 1997: En Kristen förlåtelse (The Power of Forgiveness)
June 1997 Insändare: En sårad broder
June 1997 A Response från de Plicque to: “En sårad broder”
May 29, 1997 Insändare: Förlåtelse eller försoning? (Forgiveness or Reconciliation?)
July 1997 Förlåtelsens hemlighet Insändare… (The Secret of Forgiveness)
March 18, 1997: Vad i Herrans namn gör jag? (What In God’s Name Am I Doing?)
September 1997 Rock i Guds namn? (Rock In The Name of God?)
Svar:May 31, 1997
April 16, 1997: Luther sjöng ut om pengar
October 1997 Tillgång till nätet (Accessing The Online World)
November 1997 En tid för hemkomst (Homecoming)
December 1997 Ett brev om finlänsk jul (A Letter Home To France About Christmas In Finland)
February 1998 Vilken form kan gudstjänsten ha? (What Worship Should Be)
April 1998 Uppståndelsen (Resurrection? Prove It To me!)
June 1998 Den lutherska musikens hjärta ( The Heart of Lutheran Music)
December 1998 De gamla tofflorna (The Gold Slippers)
December 1998 Att beskriva Finland
December 1998 Finland: en utopi? (Finland: Utopia?)
February 4, 1999 Varför talar all engelska med mig?
February 14, 1999 Bli min käraste (Be My Valentine)
February 18, 1999 Karnreview och fasta (What Is Mardi Gras?)
March 4, 1999 Kaffet i Finlands historia (The History of Coffee in Finland)
March 28, 1999 Historien om påsken (The Story of Easter)
April 28, 1999 Dessa människor (These People)
May 6, 1999 Morsdagen (Mothers Day)
June 10, 1999 Melankolins tidevarv (“Do Worry-Be Unhappy!”)
June 17,1999 Stereo-Typical Attitudes (Stereotypa attityder)
June 29, 1999 Jag har lärt mig (I am learning)
July 23, 1999 En kväll ute med pojkarna! (A Night Out With The Boys!)
September 26,1999 Rasism i Finland(Racism in Finland)
October 5, 1999 Finländsk rasism(Finnish Racism)
October 28, 1999 Du ser inte ut some en lutheran (You Don’t Look Like A Lutheran)
December 24, 1999 Julklapp! (Christmas Gift!)
January 5, 2000 Har vi glömt det vi mest behöver? (Millennium Hope)
February 13, 2000 Säg det i ord på Alla hjärtans dag (Say It!)
March 14, 2000 Rasismen fortforande ett problem (Neekeri!)
April 21, 2000 Anden Dansar (And The Spirit Dances On!)
June 2000 Neekeri! (Nigger!)
July 14, 2000 Hemmagord religion (The Impact on Mass Media)
August 1, 2000 Café Satan
October 27,2000 Kristen journalism (Christian Journalism)
November 3,2000 Winn walet till vilket pris som helst (American Presidential Elections 2000)
November 22, 2000 Kyrkan bör understöda kristna artister (Why The Church Should Support Christian Artists)
Vilken natt på Backstage! 18.1.2001 (Perfect Atmospherical Condition! (English title)
Människans omänsklighet (Man’s Inhumanity To Man) 6th & 7th March 2001
Påskparaden (The Easter Parade!) April 13, 2001
Världens stränaste mor!
(The Meanest Mother!) May 14, 2001 (Mothers’ Day article)
Tvångsmatning? (The History of Memma) May 17,2001)


Miscellaneous Books:

The late Great Guitarist, Stevie Ray Vaughan
“Caught In The Crossfire”
By: Joe Nick Patoski and Bill Crawford
Publishers: Little, Brown and Company: Boston, Toronto, London
ISBN O-316-16068-78 First Edition 1993
Stevie Ray Vaughan:” Soul To Soul”
By: Keri Leigh
Publisher: Taylor Publishing, Dallas, Texas
ISBN 0-87833-838-1 First Edition 1993


Project 2003-2004:

Upcoming Finnish and Swedish
Stage, Television, Book and CD Versions of the famous :
James Weldon Johnson Negro Classic (“God’s Trombones!”:
“Jumalan Pasuunat!” (Finnish) and: “Guds Basuner!” (Swedish)


Some available cds:

de Plicque
Temppeliaukion Kirkko/
The Rock Church
Helsinki Finland
(simultation translation: English-Finnish)
!. Walk All Over God’s Heaven!
2. My Testimony
3. The Sweet Love of Jesus
4. Nobody Knows
5. If Heaven Never Was Promised To Me
6. Introduction of my pianist
7. Sharing for a moment…
8. /Brief Preaching-“Clean Up That Room!”
9. The Saviour Is Waiting
10. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands
11. The Story behind the writing of Amazing Grace
Amazing Grace
Sibelius Grad and Espoo Big Band Pianist:
Markku “Max” Tabell, Steinway Piano
Johanna Manner, Translator October 29, 1987


Songs on the CD:

YLE Radio 1982 Plenty Good Room!: 1994
Psalms 40:1980 “Live!” In Tampere Finland:
The Saviour Is Waiting Hope 2000 Concert
in Vaasa Finland May 2000 The Black Gospel Band!: Jesus Is the Answer What’s Goin’ On?
Live With Peace This Little Light Of Mine!
YLE MTV 3 April Jazz Festival::1987 Espoo Finland God Bless The Child
From the Symphonic CD Movie Soundtrack
“Simon Kyreneläinen”:1989 (Simon of Cyrene): Muukalainen (The Foreigner/Stranger)
Näkemiin Jerusalem (Adieu Jerusalem)
“Live!” in Tampere Finland: 1987 He’s Alright With Me!
“Live!” The Oh Happy Day Concert: 1988
at Temppeliaukion Church in Helsinki:
Up Above My Head! Who Rolled The Stone Away? This Old Soul of Mine:1989 I’m Never Gonna’ Look Back!
Oh Sinner! The Storms of Troubled Times A Man’s Gotta’ Roam