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8 May

Here’s Angel House International Records’s new press release.

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Christian-Charles de Plicque


Like an asteroid plummets toward earth and arrives with a bang, Christian-Charles de Plicque and

his explosive delivery arrives! A mixed sauce mixed with Soul, Funk, Rhythm and Happy Blues,

Black Gospel, Traditional and pop fusion! Wow! Ok! Let’s calm down a bit!


A citizen and resident of Finland, for more than three decades, he resides in the cosmopolitan

seaside town of Karleby / Kokkola.


This American, of French dissent (Bordeaux), is a Song Stylist, recording artist, actor, journalist,

missionary, evangelist and composer. Christian-Charles (or: “Risto-Kalle” / “Crille” as he is better

known as in Finland), was born in Dallas, Texas, August 25th 1948.


He grew up in Catholic,Black Baptist and Pentecostal churches, singing in choirs and in local rock

and roll bands through his teenage years during the 1960’s. The church was, and remains still, his

foundation both in music and in his rock solid faith.


‘Risto-Kalle’s’ / ‘Crilles’ past record speaks for itself. Opening for such world famous artists as

Grammy Award Winners, jazz diva Diane Schuur, Tower Of Power, The Duke Ellington Orchestra,

Andraé Crouch…


Finnish famed blues legend Pepe Ahlqvist, and some of Finland’s gold and platinum recording

artists such as Vicki Rosti, Pepe Willberg, Petri Laaksonen. Throw in another legendary guitarist,

Johnny Winter and blues guitarist Robert Cray and it shows that there have been many doors for

Christian-Charles to announce the Gospel with shouting joy!


Finlands’ legendary blues/gospel guitarist, Jarkka Rissanen is his guitarist for over 30 years as well

and has played on all his recordings in Finland, as well as in concert around the world.

In the early 70’s de Plicque put together a group of top musicians, those who played with Paul

McCartney’s “Wings” horn section (who lived in Dallas), and other selected studio musicians in


The arranger/producer for this particular recording was famed jazz pianist, Eric Tagg( Lee

Ritnenour, etc.) Columbia Records signed him to do his first major solo recording of his own


In 1981 C.-C. received his degree in Theology and has had the privilege of working as missionary

throughout the world. Before this, he had the opportunity to study at elite American universities,

majoring in Business Administration and International Marketing.


He held the position of CPA (Certified Public Account) for famed Warner Brothers Film and

Records Conglomeration in the Texas southwest division.


He also held the position as an Executive Buyer of exquisite China, fine imported Crystal and Toys

for the world famous specialty store: Neiman-Marcus with it’s main headquarters in Dallas.

Later in 1981, de Plicque moved to live in his family’s homeland, France. Christian-Charles

founded his own Christian artistic association in Paris called: ACAM: (The Love Of Christ Reaching

Out To The World Association), the purpose of which was to aid young and young adults

pursuing a career in the Arts.


Along with this work, he formed a small record label also called: Atteindre le Monde Disques

(Reaching The World Records), which released records in France. Today he is the director in

Finland of Angel House International Missions Ministries.


Famed finish composer, conductor and musician, Lasse Heikkilä, enticed de Plicque to do his first

musical film as starring as principal actor, in the all finish language Easter production of Simon

Kyreneläinen (Simon of Cyrene) in 1989. The symphonic movie soundtrack was released on

Finngospel Records.


de Plicque’s recording: Nothin’ But The Truth!, was heralded as “record of the month”, at the

time, by Finland’s top rock music magazine, Mussikkiuutiset (Music News).


This was historical in Finland, as no other Contemporary Christian recording had ever held this

title in a secular music publication. This recording was released in 2002, with 11 bonus tracks! It

has sold even more than the original recording and continues to still sell as we approach 2015…

In Finland and around the world, de Plicque continues to share his years of experience in theater,

film and music, in giving lectures at various universities, churches and other music and art and

Bible institutions not only in Finland, but around the world.


At almost 70 years of age, de Plicque has not slowed down a bit. When many his age are relaxing

in their rocking chairs, “Risto-Kalle” is moving on folks! He is full speed ahead.

In 2003, Christian-Charles composed the song: Flame! as a submitted title for the annual

European Eurovision Song Contest competition. The singer on this composition was one of

Finlands’ top vocalists and choir director, Heidi Storbacka.


All musical tracks arranged by Mikael Svarvar and performed by some of Finland’s top-notch

musicians. Svarvar has been de Plicque’s musical director for some 12 years now.


With his longtime friend, Finnish legendary Blues guitarist Jarkka Rissanen, a new cd project

was released in 2010. It was their first acoustic recording of traditional Gospel blues-flavored

material. The cd is entitled: “ Linin’ Track!” Rissanen and de Plicque have played together for

over 30 years. This is a long awaited production from the two of them.


Christian-Charles’ first solo effort in over 20 years was released on his own label: Angel House

Records. It is distributed worldwide through Talking Music Sweden. “Spirit In The Dark!” Talk about Big Band Jazz, Soul, Bluesy, traditional, smoothed over with Black Gospel! This is a “must” for any record collection!


After this came yet another production: Dying To Live!, also released on Angel House Records and

distributed worldwide through Talking Music as well.


Now is lated recording: “Live In Finland!” with Jarkka Rissanen, has just been in released this

summer 2014. This is Christian-Charles’ first ever “live” recording and it is smoking and full of fire

from beginning to end.


He decided to release along with the cd, a white vinyl lp in Limited Edition Only. Vinyl and record

players are on the comeback in a big way around the world.


You can catch Christian-Charles performing in South Korea, The United States, in Central

Europe (a lot at home in France and Italy), Russia and anywhere a door is open for him to take

the Good News.




For Television, Festival and Concert



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(website to Finland’s’ Radio Dei’ and Christian-

Charles’ weekly one hour “Fat City!” Black

Gospel Show


Italian Contact:

Anno Domini Association

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Tel/fax: +39.011.945 4035

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Asian Contact:

Geon Hur

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Association Nozart: Jean-Louis et Loli Pagnon

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The United States:

The Texas Music Office Austin Texas

Telephone: 1.512.463 666 Fax: 1.512.463 4114

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