Back to the 60’s!

12 Apr

A new book by our old roadie Cutter Brandenburg from Dallas (Austin now) about the late great Stevie Ray Vaughan. Just released!




Finally copies have arrived in Finland!
the new Stevie Ray Vaughan bio
with over 250 photos of us in Dallas=(“Big D” as we call it!)
back in the days before he was famous and naturally afterwards!

“You Can’t Stop A Comet”
By our old roadie:
Cutter Brandenburg

There you will see never before seen photos of all of us, from the beginning Dallas days with me and Stevie Ray as young teenagers… Our 2nd group in Dallas was called: “Liberation” with full horn section. Then we moved on to the Austin-based group: Blackbird. Two drummers, two guitarists (Stevie and the great Kim Davis), bassist, Hammond B-3, Wurlitzer and Fender Rhodes and some singer!



In Austin Texas taken at the famed Waterloo Social Club where we were the houseband for 2 years.


“Lincoln” band with Stevie Ray (15 years old) and Christian-Charles (16 years old). Our first group together in Dallas. Stevie Ray and my final group together, after Blackbird in Austin, was with the great bassist, Tommy Shannon and drummer Roddy Colonna (from Blackbird). 3 musicians, playing at volume level: 300. We were called: “Thunderbird”. And that it was!

There are other photos of us as kids in Dallas, long before Austin and of course Austin and afterwards when Stevie rose to worldwide fame. And some sizzling stories from way back then, never included in any of the other 3 biographies of Vaughan.

Get your copy today!

See more photos of all of us during those great days of Texas music at:

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