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God’s Restraint

29 Apr

God has not promised that your life will be easy – indeed it may not be. But He has promised to sustain you in your struggle and uphold you with His mighty arm. If you trust Him, He will empower you to make your way bravely through extraordinary difficulty with… Read more »

Something more to think about

29 Jan

“Quelque Chose de Plus à Penser ” Paul nous rappelle qu’il ya un langage des hommes et un langage des anges. (Cor premier. 13.1). Les anges ont une langue céleste et faire de la musique qui est digne du Dieu qui les a faites. Je crois que dans le Ciel… Read more »

Out of This World!

29 Nov

Work for the Lord – His retirement plan is out of this world!

Beware of Jumping To Conclusions!

29 Oct

The e-mail contained nothing but some information that I assumed was meant for me, and it came from someone I did not know very well at the time. I thought that the info was aimed at me, in an accusing way, and I was angry that someone who didn’t really… Read more »

Active Compassion.

23 Oct

Ask the Holy Spirit to place someone on your heart to help, in Jesus’ name. Then take action. Make a difference today. Send a card. Give a gift. Offer a ride. Make a call. Love in deed is Love indeed. Petits enfants, n’aimons pas en parole ni avec la langue,… Read more »