Dick Clark

28 Apr

Dick Clark dead..
19 April 2012

I thank him because I learned how to dance, watching his show, the legendary American Bandstand each afternoon after school. It was in the ’60’s.

I remember rushing home from school each day, to watch him on tv and that great show. It was the first that I can remember, where you actually saw whites and blacks really dancing together. That was unheard of and outrageous in the white communities all over America. But Dick did not care.

That was bold of him and he could have lost his life, standing up for the rights of blacks and promoting black artists.

I would run in the house after school and flip on the tv. He always had the best artists and again, it was rare to even see black singers on “white tv” in those days. And!!!—— If a boy wanted to have a chance of getting a girlfriend, he had to know how to dance!

So before my parents came in from work, I would grab the door knob in our Living Room and man, I would dance and dance, practicing all the moves I saw the guys doing on American Bandstand with my “stand in girlfriend”, our Living Room’s door knob!…

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