God’s Restraint

29 Apr

God has not promised that your life will be easy – indeed it may not be. But He has promised to sustain you in your struggle and uphold you with His mighty arm. If you trust Him, He will empower you to make your way bravely through extraordinary difficulty with faith, hope and Love. The trials God permits in your life will lead to His praise and glory, if only you will abide in Him.

Furthermore, there will be a restraint and a respite. The Hebrew text is somewhat obscure in Psalm 76:10. LIterally it reads: “Surely the wrath of man will praise You, the remnant of wrath (God) will bind.” God will use men’s wrath to bring glory and praise to Himself, but when that purpose is fulfilled He will then restrain it. God will not allow you to be pressed beyond endurance. That is His sure promise. When the lesson has been learned, when the revelation of Gods’ glory is complete and your soul has been tried and proven -then God will raise His hand and save you. He will say: “No more.”

In every desert of trial, God has an oasis of comfort.


(c) DP/ODB 2008

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