In the blink of an eye

25 May

I heard one evangelist last week say we should at least win one person a year to Jesus. Most of us have a serious problem with witnessing. Granted, it is not easy in the natural sense. But if we really love Jesus, then He gives us the power to witness through His Holy Spirit.  One person a year is good, but shouldn’t we strive for a bit more?  I mean think of what Jesus has done for us on the Cross!

Most of us never even think about just being straight forward in our witness for Christ to our friends and family.    We don’t want to upset anyone, or we keep waiting for the “right moment”.  Is there ever really such a moment in the natural sense?!  Isn’t today good enough for tomorrow is not even promised?  I have to look in the mirror and tell myself these there things!

Jesus is saying: “Hey Risto-Kalle!  Wake up!”  We don’t really realize that He could indeed come at any moment, and those that we love dearly, according to the Bible, if they have not made Jesus personal Saviour, will burn for eternity in Hell.  Eternity is a long time and the Word says that “there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth… ”  That does not sound pretty!

That is an awful thought, and it is moving me more and more to pray for my unsaved family members and the many people I have met along the way.  Not only to pray for them, but to be straight wtih them, and share Christ while I have the opportunity.   If they turn from me, then so be it. Better that they know, then for us to stand before God on That Day, and have Him say that we didn’t even care enough to share about His Son.   Jesus says: “do you love Me?”….. Then tell them.

Think about a friend maybe being killed in a sudden accident. Could we say that we led them to Christ even or at least witnessed to them?  Would we care about their eternal salvation?  These are the kinds of thoughts going through my mind these days.

The world is losing it’s mind, literally.  Nobody cares about anybody, just what we can get, and how cool this is and that is.  I myself have been guilty of these things, as if I don’t already have more than many people will have in a lifetime.  Nothing wrong with material things, but our priorities have to be in order first.  The Spirit has been leaning on me heavily to think and re-think what is really important in this life of mine.  We are but a vapor!  Here one minute and gone the next.

Then I see the news, and in an instant, cities and villages flooded, earthquakes and all kinds of diverse things going on. And then  in a moment, people have lost all, homes, family, everything in the blink of an eye!  Families buried alive under tons of mud, or drowned in a flood, and they will never find their bodies to even have the chance to grieve properly over them as we usually can.   Is God trying to tell us something or what?  As long as they were saved, then they are in the arms of Jesus. But the world needs the chance to at least hear the Gospel. Indeed the harvest is ripe, but the laborers…pray for the laborers!

God has  already warned us in His Word, and even though we see these people losing all, we just think, oh, that is happening sad….
It could happen just as well here.
God says be not deceived!

Well I will stop preaching.  I love you all and am so happy you are living your lives for Christ. God loves you so much. He has given you a chance to educate yourselves, to be married or to live your lives as a single person,  some of you to be parents, to have jobs so you can support your family and you can walk with your head up, wonderful Spirit-filled congregations that you can attend, your health…. Think about all that, and how awful that would be if in the blink of an eye, it was all taken from you, and you were left standing alone in the street with no where to turn?  I don’t know what is happening with me these days, but I am glad about it in any case. It is like fire is being poured out on me, and my tongue cannot keep talking about Jesus.

Surely God is merciful unto us, and has blessed us so much. We are behoved  (I like that word!),to tell the world about Jesus, and to bless, encourage, pray, help, and love everybody we can with the Love of Christ, for we know not what tomorrow brings.

Whatever it brings, we find comfort in knowing that we are doing His will, and we know where our final destination is.  Let’s take as many with us as we can!

Be encouraged.

God bless.

Riisto Kalle

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