Many Voices, One Choir

25 May

I was deeply moved as I listened to the choral group singing in unison. It seemed to be one powerful voice praising and gloryifying God. Then on the chorus, the sopranos, altos, tenors, and basses sang their different parts, and the harmony was beautiful. It thrilled my soul and made their unision singing seem colorless by comparison.

Every follower of Christ “sings” a different part as together we work for the Lord. We come from various backgrounds and have different personalities and abilities. Even so, our labors together for Him can result in a beautiful harmony of service. Instead of appreciating this blend, however some Christians demand conformity to their own methods and procedures. They want everyone to sing “their” way…

Although this kind of unity can produced limited results, nothing is quite as satisfying as to see different individuals, all with their own styles, talents and identities, presenting in harmony, the same theme-the Love and Salvation offered by the Lord Jesus Christ. In our service for Him, let’s not worry if the people next to us aren’t singing our “note”. If they’re in harmony with the Bible, we’re in the same choir. God calls His people to unity, not uniformity.

Christian-Charles Milton de Plicque, Evangelist Angel House InternationalAssociation rf. Karleby Finland
February 2000

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