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 Dying To Live

 “Linin’ Track”

 “Spirit In the Dark!”

 nothin' but the truth Nothin’ But The Truth

 “Zyj z wydzwiekien” Various Artists

Studio DR Compilation released in Poland including de Plicque, Amy Grant etc.

 “Tigerbeat” Pepe Ahlqvist

 “Up From The Ether! The Blues Don’t Care”

de Plicque Up From The Ether! The Blues Don’t Care. (CD single: Bluelight Records Helsingfors).

 “Doggone Blues” Pepe Ahlqvist

Pepe Ahlqvist and The Rolling Tumbleweed Band 1999, de Plicque composition (Bluelight Records, Helsingfors).

Pepe Ahlqvist and Jari Rissanen. de Plicque composing and guest vocalist with Ahlqvist (Bluelight Records).

 “Good Act” Pepe Ahlqvist

Pepe Ahlqvist and Jari Rissanen, de Plicque as guest vocalist and composer (Fazer Music).

   “On The Ground” Pepe Ahlqvist & H.A.R.P

Pepe Ahlqvist and H.A.R.P. Songs by Esa Kaartamo and de Plicque (Fazer Music, Helsingfors).

  “Black On The Rock” Various Artists

Jouko Kantola, de Plicque as guest vocalist with famed finnish pianist Kantola (FG Music Helsingfors).

  “Simon Kyreneläinen” Various Artists

Finnish Film Soundtrack (Lasse Heikkilä composer). de Plicque in the Lead Role, singing and acting in Finnish. Gospel Power Music Productions. Film available now on video, with english and french translations.

Other publications:

  “Cross Roads” (LP) Christian-Charles de Plicque

  “Nothin’ But The Truth” LP – Christian-Charles de Plicque:

 “This Is The Hour ” (LP) Christian-Charles de Plicque:

“Mainenant, C’est L’Heure!” (This Is The Hour) de Plicque’s first European CD in French, (Atteindre le Monde Disques, Paris France) English translations included.


Six Feet Under – “Hot Foxy Woman”

      Six Feet Under - Hot Foxy Woman

Great tune from this Texas Powerhouse Big Band!

“A floor filler which was also features the vocalist Christian-Charles de Plicque on Le Cam records.”

Funny reading how this magazine reviewed this song!… Floor filler? I have never heard that expression!


(Le Cam Records-313) – A Sam Smith Production LC 313-A

The Band’s Producer and Promoter: Major Bill Smith. What a number he was!


Also available on

Crossover To Modern SoulOutta Sight (UK) OSCD 034



Various Songs

“In Everything, Give Him Thanks” 1982


Recorded the day after my wife, Jean-Béatrice’s funeral in 1982.

The Dallas Symphony Orchestra and the Whitey Thomas Background Vocalists.

“Will The Circle Be Unbroken?”


The Black Diamond Duo! Live in Finland!

Jarkka Rissanen on National Steel
Christian-Charles de Plicque on voice

The Black Diamond Duo! ‘Live In Finland’! –  “The Saviour Is Waiting”


From the cd: Rough and Uncut! “Live In Finland!”
Christian-Charles de Plicque & Jarkka Rissanen: “The Black Diamond Duo!”

Talk about a blast from the past!: “Marionette”


Now don’t fall on the floor laughing your head off when you hear this!

“Marionette” French expression meaning: “Pretty girl”. Disco! 1985 ( I know, you were not even born then!). Polydor Records (Paris France)

I have always loved to write songs and this was one I sent in as a demo to this label, hoping maybe one of their great soloists would consider recording it. Long story short, the company liked the demo as it was (with me that is) and decided to release it, as it was, with my vocals. The verses are in english and the refrain, en français bien sur!

The lyrics are “clean” and just talking about a girl I saw one day, on the famed street in Paris, Le Champs Elysées. And how she blew my mind and my life was never the same after having met her! I have always sung gospel at that point for almost 20 years, (not that I am against secular music), but I really did not want to be known as a “secular” artist in France, seeing that I lived and worked in there as a missionary.

However Polydor convinced me anyway to let them release it and said at least I would not only make money as the artist, but likewise as the composer. That year, it because a number one “maxi-single” in all of France. (Go figure!). Now if people would only buy Gospel like they do secular music!

Then they wanted me to go on tour to promote it, with dancing girls and all of that…no comment! But it is really funny to listen to music that was recorded in 1985. When I think I have been recording since 1965… man! Too much stuff here in my collection of Master recordings to listen too, so I thought I would bore you with some of it!

Hope it brings a smile to your face! It does mine.

Single released on Bluelight Records Finland. “The Blues Don’t Care About You!”

Something raw and to the bone as we say in Texas! Here is a single released on Bluelight Records Finland.


I love this song. Simple arrangement, no overdubs. It takes me back to my Texas roots

of blues and Gospel and the lyrics are the truth! “The Blues Don’t Care About You!”

The 2nd song (not included on this mp3), on the single release is entitled: “Up From
The Ether!

New “Trouble In Mind!”


Live! And totally direct and unmixed!
Café Backstage in Karleby Finland 2003

Christian-Charles de Plicque & The Gospel Explosion Band:

Mikael Svarvar, Fender Rhodes. Stefan Lindblom, bass. Johan Nybäck, Drums


©2004 ESEK Finland/SACEM France
Vocalist: Heidi Storbacka
Words and Lyrics: de Plicque
Arranger: Mikael Svarvar


“Flame!” was a song submission, from the Österbotten area of the country, for Finland’s 2004 Eurovision Song Contest. Over 320 songs from the country were submitted but only 20 were chosen as semi-finalist from them. This one did not make it, but will be released as a single and also the original r&b gospel version will come out on de Plicque’s upcoming solo cd 2004.

“Up from the Ether” (Ashley Cleveland)

Bluelight Records Blr 4532 5 099765 894172.


“Yes, God is real”

Rasmus F.Forsman (Hammond B3), Michael Svarvar (Steinway Grand) Radio Dei Seinäjoki’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration 2002


“Heaven Bound” (de Plicque)

From cd “Cross Roads” 1987
Lord Records 60 565 SACEM France/Gema Germany


“Chant de l’Esprit” (Spirit Song) (John Wimber)

From “I Go to the Rock!” Atteindre le Monde Disques Paris France 1980


“I Go to the Rock” (Dottie Rambo)

(same info as above)


“Jesus is the Answer” (Andraé & Sandra Crouch)

Hope concert live Vaasa Finland 2000
Stefan Jansson (Steinway Grand Piano), Angel House Records


“Good Morning Miss Brown!” (Taj Mahal)

Ristirock Festival (Cross Rock festival) Tampere, Finland
Jari Rissanen, Dobro guitar


“The Saviour is Waiting” Ralph Carmicheal)

Same info as above



Live To Give! = Vivre Pour Donner! (1980)

      02 Live To Give

From the missions cd:
This Is The Hour! = Maintenant C’est l’Heure!
Christian-Charles de Plicque

Under the Ether! (1994)

      01 Under The Ether!

B-side of the single: “The Blues Don’t Care About You!”

Christian-Charles de Plicque
Jarkka Rissanen Guitars
Markku “Max” Tabell, Keys
Juuso Nordlund, Bass
Anssi “powerhouse” Nykänen, Drums

Produced by: de Plicque
Recorded at JJ Studios, Tampere Finland
Released on Bluelight Records

English version: “Be Still” (1980)


A song from my first Missions Project:
“This Is The Hour! / Maintenant C’est l’Heure!

Christian-Charles de Plicque
Lyrics and Musique: de Plicque
Released on: Atteindre le Monde Disques=Reaching The World Records
Paris France 1980
Recorded and Mixed in Germany