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The cd also includes a 16-page Souvenir brochure…

Rythm Arrangements:

Mikael Svarvar

Horns Arrangements:

Peter Nordwall

Background vocal arrangements:

Svarvar & de Plicque


Tobias Udd; Trombone: Martin Enroth;

Baritone, Tenor and Soprano Saxes:

Peter Nordwall

Symphonic String Arrangements:

Mikael Svarvar

Background Vocalists:

“The de Plicque Finnish Österbotten Soul Singing Sistas and Brothas!”:
Mikael Svarvar; Marcus Söderström, Camilla Cederholm, Heidi Storbacka


Percussion, drums: Johan Nybäck
Bass: Stefan Lindblom

Special Guest:

Acoustic Guitar soloist: Jussi Reijonen
Solo Rythm & Lead Guitars and Banjo: Roland Junell

Special Guest

Guitar solo and Rythm guitars, Jarkka Rissanen

Special Guest/Geneva Switzerland:

Hammond B-3- Luc Mayor
Hammond B-3-Rasmus F. Forsman
Steinway Grand Piano: Mikael Svarvar
Accordion: Johan Emet
Vibraphone: Timo Roiko-Jokela

String Section:

Anna-Maria Helsing: (Directrice of Jakobstad Citys’ Symphony)
Beata Biernikiewicz, Violin
Carolina Edström-Henriksson, Cello
Erik Nygård, Violin

Recording Studio:

Jakobstad City Music Conservatory
Jakobstad Finland

Recording Engineer:

Johan Nybäck

Pre- Mix Digital Editing:

Ora Turunen

Mixing Engineer:

Ora Turunen

Digital Mixing Studio:

Sonic Factory at:
The Koponen Palatial Vineyard Estate in Kärsämäki

Mix Assisted by:

de Plicque


de Plicque for: Angel House International Missions Ministries Finland

Mastered by:

Ora Turunen at: Signal To Noise Studios/Jyväskylä Finland

Released on:

Angel House Records Finland

Executive Producer:

Christian-Charles de Plicque www.deplicque.net


It is his first recording on new material, since 1989 and it has not come a moment too soon!

The arrangements are done by de Plicque’s Musical Director, Finland’s producer, composer, TV personality and christian recording artist himself, Mikael Svarvar.

This project takes us back to the 1950’s and ’60’s, to Christian-Charles’ roots, in other words, back to the basics of the real thang! Since moving to Finland officially, from home in Paris France in 1988, he has wanted so long to do a soul/groove/gospel recording like this in Finland, Now his dream has come true.

de Plicque’s: “Dynamite Band!”, 5 musicians, and with 4 powerful background vocalists also from the Österbotten area of the country, have never sounded so good together! Spirit In The Dark! is topped with a fine Big Band horn section, arranged by the prolific Peter Nordwall from Sweden. Violins and cellos, arranged by Svarvar. The String Ensemble is under the director of Vaasa city’s Symphony’s First Chair violinist: Anna-Maria Helsing.

The Dynamite Band!’s Österbotten Background vocalists:
Marcus Söderström; Heidi Storbacka; Mikael Svarvar; Camilla Cederholm.

Special Guest Artists:
Renowned Vibraphonist: Timo Roiko-Jokela; Mr. Blues/Gospel guitar virtuoso Jarkka Rissanen; Acclaimed Acoustic & Flamenco Guitarist, Jussi Reijonen; Swiss Hammond B-3 organist Luc Mayor; Hammond soul playing Pastor Rasmus F. Forsman…

This First Class project was recorded at the prestigious Music House in the city of Jakobstad Finland.

Yes Lordy!, this record is a real stick on dynamite! It’s a true potpourri of Black Gospel/Soul/Traditional/Jazz, taken to another level.

Christian-Charles de Plicque, singing praises, of and to the One who alone deserves it!

Angel House International Missions Ministries
Finland, naturally!