“Linin’ Track” CD

released 1.12.2010

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CD Release Date: 1st week of December! Internationella CD · utgivningsdag: 1: a veckan i december! Internazionale data di uscita cd, 1a settimana di dicembre! Kansainvälinen cd julkaisupäivää, ensimmäinen viikko joulukuun! internationale date de sortie cd, 1ère semaine de Décembre! Available exclusively on Humble House Records


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Satakunnan Kansa Lehti: Linin’ Track cd Review 21.2.2011 (City of Pori)

CHRISTIAN-CHARLES DE PLICQUE, JARKKA RISSANEN & FRIENDS: LININ’ TRACK. Humble House Records (Finland) www.humblehouserecords.comwww.deplicque.net
Harri Aalto

Suomessa asuva teksasilainen gospel-laulaja Christian-Charles De Plicque julkaisi muutama vuosi sitten varsin mainion albumin Spirit In The Dark, jolla hän johdatti kuulijansa omille juurilleen 1950- ja 1960-luvulle. Nyt mennään vielä kauemmas menneisyyteen, 1940- ja 1950-lukujen Syvän etelän puuvillaplantaaseille.

LININ’ TRACK on kokoelma pääosin perinteisiä negrospirituaaleja ja orjatyölauluja mm. SON HOUSEN ja SISTER ROSETTA THARPEN kaltaisilta vanhoilta tekijöiltä. Musiikki on todella mustaa, ja sen tulkiksi “Risto-Kallen” syvä ääni sopii erinomaisesti.

Ilman maineikkaan roots-kitaristin Jarkka Rissasen, De Plicquen pitkäaikaisen duokumppanin, panosta albumi olisi kuitenkin paljon köyhempi. Rissasen sähköinen resonaattorikitara viiltää armottomasti kuin valkoisen pomon ruoska mustan miehen selkänahkaa.

English Translation:
In Finland, resident Texan, gospel singer, Christian-Charles de Plicque released a few years ago a very excellent album: “SPIRIT IN THE DARK!”, which he leads the listener to its own roots in 1950 – and 1960’s. Now let’s go even farther into the past, 1940 – and 1950’s Deep Southern Cotton Fields.

“LININ’ TRACK” is a collection of mostly traditional and Negro spirituals, slave songs, etc. such as Son House and Sister Rosetta Tharpe as well as those written by the old great composers. The music is really black, and its interpreter “Risto-Kalle”=Christian-Charles’ deep voice is perfect.

Without the illustrious roots guitarist Jarkka Rissanen, de Plicque long duo partner, the album would not be as rich sounding. Rissanen’s electric Resonator guitar slashes mercilessly as the white boss leather whips a black man’s back.


At last! The new CD of Finnish blues master guitarist Jarkka Rissanen & Christian-Charles de Plicque’s first Duo project has taken 20 years, but it is here!

“Down-to-the-bone” roots music from the 1940-50’s era… Sonhouse, Bukka White, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Well you get the picture! Some very special guest artists two! Produced by: Rissanen. Released on Humble House Records. Title: “”Linin’ Track”!”

Our first ever “acoustic” down-to-the-bone”, raw and gutsy Traditional roots Gospel/bluesy music from the 1940-50’s era!

Jarkka Rissanen and Christian-Charles de Plicque’s: “LININ’ TRACK”

Arranged and Produced by: Jarkka Rissanen.

Rissanen has really kept that “traditional negro blues/gospel” sound from the 40’s and ’50’s. He has tastefully added acoustic piano here and there, multi-tracked acoustic and electric guitars of course, drums, percussion, harmonica, organ, upright and electric basses at stratigic points and all kinds of artistic sounds to add color to each song. These additional instruments were mostly played by himself, but we are blessed in having some very talented guest artists playing as well…

  • Seppo Rauteva, Drums
  • Sami Tikkanen, Fender Rhodes piano.
  • Veli-Matti Kananen also on Fender Rhodes on: “John The Revelator”.
  • “Ryttle”Rytkönen on Harmonica on : “Linin`Track” and “Death Letter”.

Jarkka (from the great finnish city of Lapinlahti!)…Yes he is a Savo-man, a real Finnish Texan as he says, has “painted” these songs with his own special brush, but he has remained true to what acoustic traditional bluesy gospel songs in those days sounded like.

I am proud of him. He’s my brother and has stuck with me through thick and thin. 20 years we have worked together, all over the world. He has played on every recording I have made in Finland and the gigs we have done with various bands from “The Boss’s Band!” (my favorite of all time!)… we worked so well together in that small 14-piece band, and never had misunderstandings! Rare! And then all the other jazz/blues gospel quintets and other musical formations.