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Press release May 7th 2014

Press release May 7th 2014 – AHI



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Press Release: de Plicque European English translation text

De plicque 2004 portraitThis is the dawning of an exciting time for Gospel Music in Scandinavia! And like an asteroid plummets toward earth and arrives with a bang, Christian-Charles de Plicque and his explosive delivery, arrives likewise with a mixed sauce of Soul, funk, techno, rhythm and blues, Black Gospel, Traditional and pop fusion! Wow!

A permanent resident of Finland, for more than two decades, he resides in the seaside town of Karleby / Kokkola. This American, of French dissent (Bordeaux), is a Song Stylist, recording artist, actor, journalist, missionary and composer. Christian-Charles (or: “Risto-Kalle” / “Crille” as he is better known in Finland), was born in Dallas, Texas, August 25th 1948. He grew up in Black Baptist and Pentecostal churches, singing in choirs and in local rock and roll bands through his teenage years during the 1960’s. The church was, and remains still, his foundation both in music and in his rock solid faith.

At the age of 14, de Plicque began performing with the late great Gospel composer and recording artist, James Cleveland. He has also been greatly influenced by Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Sam Cooke… Other musical influences were his next door neighbor in Dallas, the late blues guitarist Freddie King, Taj Mahal, B.B. King of course, Albert Collins, and the legendary composer and contemporary artist Andraé Crouch…

‘Risto-Kalle’s’ / ‘Crilles’ past record speaks for itself. Opening for such world famous artists as Grammy Award Winners, jazz diva Diane Schuur, Tower Of Power, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, Andraé Crouch and blues guitarist Robert Cray, gives you a light taste of what you are in for.

In the 1960’s, a young thin white boy from the poor section of Dallas, visited C.-C. at his job at the world famous department store, Neiman-Marcus. He said he was looking for a black singer to form a group. de Plicque eventually quit his job and for 7 years, he and this guitarist worked together, eventually moving to live in the Texas blues capital, Austin. They left a stamp of their sound and power, not only in Texas, but throughout the South in America. That guitarist was the late and remarkable Stevie Ray Vaughan.

You can read more about Christian-Charles’ adventures with Vaughan In the two SRV biographies: Caught In The Crossfire and Soul To Soul, both available internationally at regular bookstores.

In the late 1960’s C.-C. lived with guitarist Johnny Winter and famed Double Trouble and Storyville’s bassist Tommy Shannon. Tommy also played in a band with Stevie Ray Vaughan and de Plicque in Austin in those days called “Thunderbird”. That group was a powerhouse quartet that played high volume hard blues rock.

They all mingled with Jimmie Vaughan, Janis Joplin, drummer Uncle John Turner, Blue-eyed soul singer and drummer Doyle Bramhall, ZZ Top, Kim Wilson, Paul Orta, Steve Miller, Anson Funderburgh, etc… These were great days for music in Texas and Christian-Charles really had the opportunity to be submerged in this mixture of soul, rock and blues.

‘Risto-Kalle’ or: ‘Crille’, migrated to upper state New York in the 1970’s, where he performed as Front Man with a jazz orchestra called: “Gamble”. This group of talented musicians from New York was under contract with the now defunct London Records. With them he gained more recording experience, not only in jazz and show tunes, working in posh dinner nightclubs and concert halls, but in doing commercials for such firms as Coca Cola and other products. This disciplined him and expanded his outlook in the realm of music. After two years apprenticeship with them, he decided to return to Dallas and take a giant step in becoming a solo artist. This group “Gamble”, eventually became famous, known as “Spyra Gyro”.

C.-C. returned to Texas, starting his own career at last. He put together a group of top musicians, those who played with Paul McCartney’s “Wings” horn section and other selected studio musicians in Dallas. Columbia Records signed him to do his first major solo recording of his own compositions. The record was never released due to much red tape in the business and is still in the vaults at Columbia Records. This in no way discouraged de Plicque. He was more determined than ever to make his mark in music.

In 1981 C.-C. received his degree in Theology and has had the privilege of working as missionary throughout the world. Before this, he had the opportunity to study at elite American universities, majoring in Business Administration and International Marketing Research. He held the position of CPA (Certified Public Account) for famed Warner Brothers Film and Records Conglomeration in the Texas southwest division. He also held the position as an Executive Buyer of exquisite China, fine imported Crystal and Toys for the world famous specialty store: Neiman-Marcus in Dallas.

Later in 1981, de Plicque moved to live in his family’s homeland, France. Christian-Charles founded his own artistic association in Paris called: ACAM: (The Love Of Christ Reaching Out To The World Association), the purpose of which was to aid young and young adults pursuing a career in the Arts. Along with this work, he formed a small record label also called: Atteindre le Monde Disques (Reaching The World Records), which released records in France.

In 1982 C.-C. traveled to Germany and recorded his first European lp for Lord Records, entitled: Maintenant, C’est l’Heure! (This Is The Hour). It had moderate success in Germany and in France.

In 1985, Christian-Charles released his first max-single, recorded in French and English, entitled: Marionette for Polydor Records Paris. It was an enormous summer hit in France, but nothing followed in the way of recordings for de Plicque for two years.

In 1987 however, Christian-Charles returned to Germany, along with renowned Dutch producer and jazz drummer, Dick le Mair. Again de Plicque had composed all the songs, and the Brazilian rock jazz arrangements were by le Mair. This recording: Cross Roads, opened more doors for him as his own compositions began to take on a more dynamic form.

In 1988, due to his increasing popularity in Finland and Scandinavia, C.-C. left his beloved France to live permanently in Finland. Since his taking up residence here, Christian-Charles has appeared at every major jazz, blues, rock and Gospel Festival with his group of respected Finnish musicians and background vocalists.

Famed finish composer, conductor and musician, Lasse Heikkilä, enticed de Plicque to do his first film as principal actor, in the all finish language production of Simon Kyreneläinen (Simon of Cyrene) in 1989. This major acting role rocketed Christian-Charles to greater heights in the Finnish artistic world and placed him in a position not only as a singer, but as an entertainer. What was so amazing about this film, was that at the time, C.-C. had never studied Finnish and had to act and sing, in Finnish, for 2 hours and ten minutes!

He mastered the dialogue by memorization. This endeared him all the more to the people of Finland, because anyone who knows anything at all about this country, will agree that the language is one of the world’s most complex and difficult for most foreigners.

The film is now available on video and the symphonic soundtrack from the film is also available on compact disc with French and English translations upon request.

de Plicque’s recording: Nothin’ But The Truth!, released on Profile Records in 1989, was heralded as “record of the month”, by Finland’s top rock music magazine, Mussikkiuutiset (Music News). This was historical in Finland, as no other Contemporary Christian recording had ever held this title in a secular music publication. This recording was re-released in 2002, due to its amazing radio airplay longevity, on CD, with 11 bonus tracks!

His performances as guest soloist with acclaimed choirs throughout Scandinavia have been well received and have put him in a class by himself. In 1994, gifted Finnish pianist, Jouko Kantola, invited Christian-Charles to again appear on his recording project: Black On The Rock, released on FG Records.

In Finland, de Plicque continues to share his years of experience in theater, film and music, in giving lectures at various universities, churches and other music and art institutions throughout the country.

C.-C. acquired a degree in the country’s second national language, Swedish, which he received in 1997. For the past few years, de Plicque has worked as journalist for a major Finnish Swedish-speaking newspaper Österbottningen.

In 2005 he began as contributing Journalist, covering newly released cds/dvds/books and providing interviews of national and international artists, for Finland’s: Kyrkpressen.

Likewise he continues contributing also to other Finnish, French and Central European national and regional magazines.

He tours Russia regularly since 1987, and has just recently completed a successful tour with his Finnish group in Estonia, where it was filmed for National Estonian Television.

de Plicque’s later recording efforts have been in conjunction with Finland’s one and only blues king, Pepe Ahlqvist, and famed guitarist Jakka Rissanen. This is Ahlqvist’s and Rissanen’s second acoustic cd, (Christian-Charles appearing also on the first cd: Good Act, Fazer Records 1992, singing and composing several songs on that project). C-.C. has written other songs over the years for Pepe. Some of them are found on: Ahlqvist’ H.A.R.P. On The Ground Fazer cd 1990. The next cd on Bluelight Records cd is called: Doggone Blues. It was released in Finland in 1998 and has had tremendous success. Ahlqvist and Rissanen’s latest full-blown blues band: Tumbleweed, contracted once again “Risto-Kalle”, to write songs for their latest 1999 release: Tigerbeat.

At almost 58 years of age, de Plicque has not slowed down a bit. When many his age are relaxing in their rocking chairs, “Risto-Kalle” is moving on folks! He is full speed ahead. So, how do we classify him? Singer? Actor? Journalist? Evangelist?, Businessman? Composer? For those of us that already know him, he is simply “Risto-Kalle” or “Crille” (Crille is his Swedish nickname)… We have two national languages in Finland: Finnish and Swedish. In the area of the country where de Plicque lives, Swedish is more widely spoken than in southern Finland.

When you read his life story, it is amazing to find out that among other great tragedies in his life, his vocal chords were completely destroyed and he medically was told, that he would never speak again. He sought out the best throat specialists many years ago, and the answer was always the same: “There is no hope for you”… Today, years later after this professional medical prognosis, Christian-Charles not only speaks, to the amazement of specialists, but sings and speaks with a conviction, and a power that comes from above and within.

In 2003, Christian-Charles composed the song: Flame! as a submitted title for the annual European Eurovision Song Contest competition. The vocalist on this composition was Heidi Storbacka, with all musical tracks arranged by Mikael Svarvar and performed by some of Finland’s top-notch musicians.

Christian-Charles, for the past few years, is working in collaboration with the prolific songwriter, singer, composer, arranger, Mikael Svarvar. He is the musical director for Christian-Charles. de Plicque has collaborated, composing songs together with Svarvar on Mikael’s last two cd projects, the latest released in 2004.

With Jarkka Rissanen, a new cd project begins this summer 2005. It is the Black Diamond Duo! It will be their first acoustic recording of traditional Gospel blues-flavored material. Rissanen and de Plicque have played together for over 18 years. This is a long awaited production from the two of them. It should be ready for release late 2005, early 2006.

Another solo recording project is also underway, Christian-Charles’ first solo effort since the 1989 Nothin’ But The Truth!. It is scheduled for 2006 release on his own label: Angel House Records.

His performances makes for an explosive piece of dynamite on stage, bringing the feeling of an age in music sadly past, but at the same time, the sound of the future! You won’t be disappointed. The Message is always clear!

Traditional Negro Spirituals!

de Plicque continues on in singing the finest in Negro Spirituals and Black Gospel songs. Solid big Steinway Grand Piano and powerful vocals of Christian-Charles, make for unforgettable Gospel Evening not only in Finnish churches and festivals, but throughout the world.

All glory and honor for all these above mentioned things, to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ.
Psalms 40:1-4

Svängig kristen musik!

Christian-Charles de Plicque, eller: “Crille”, är fransk-amerikan, bor numera i Karleby och har verkat i Finland i över 25 år. de Plicque framför nutida kristen musik i lokaler där publiken inte så van att lyssna just på den typens musik.

Han vill inte placeras i facket svart gospelsängare, trots att det är just det han är. I stället föredrar han att använda termen Contemporary Christian Music (nutida kristen musik), om sin musik där han ofta överskrider gränser och blandar stilar som r & b, traditionell, jazz; Svart Gospel…

“Crille” och hans orkester kommer också att synas i tv detta år. Han deltar bland annat i festivalen och konserter i hela världen.

För mer information:

Chef d’orchestre: Mikael Svarvar

Angel House International Missions Ministries r.f.
Storgatan 14 B 11
67100 Karleby

fax: 06 831 5358

Now booking! Christian-Charles de Plicque & The Dynamite Band! (From Finland… naturally!)

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Stefan “Kilju” Lindblom, Bass & Background vocals


Johan “Nisse” Nybäck, Drums and background vocals

Mikael Svarvar, Musical director, keyboardist & background vocals


Pastor Rasmus F. Forsman, Hammond B-3, Background vocals

Martin Store, Hammond B-3
Roland Junell

Horn section:

Peter Nordwall, Saxes

Martin Enroth, Trombone

Tobias Udd, Trumpet

Background vocalists:

Heidi Storbacka

Camilla Cederholm


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