Black Diamond Duo – Svarvar / de Plicque

Christian-Charles de Plicque and his musical director, pianist and well known composer, arranger, recording artist and tv personality,Mikael Svarvar, in addition to their Black Gospel group: The Dynamite Band!, are also available for concerts and festivals as duo.

Churches and festivals around the world have enjoyed their ministry over the past 6 years of collaboration. Svarvar on Grand Piano and vocals also, and the unmistakably powerful voice of Finlands’ one and only “Risto-Kalle”=Christian-Charles, make for a dynamic force that comes in the name of the Lord.

The Black Diamond Duo is also available for lectures in the History of Black Gospel, Black Gospel Choirs and Music Workshops. Mikael is a diplomed Music Instructor at the famed Musikhuset (House of Music Institute) in Jakobstad Finland and has many years of work in this area. He is arranging and performing likewise with many well-known Swedish entertainers, as well as Osterbottens (Finlands) recording artists.