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Risto-Kalle’s (de Plicque’s) Summertime “Texas Cool in the Shade under the tree” drink

22 Jul

This is so good. Actually I have stolen it (again), from my grandmothers’ cookbook! Buy the red and yellow “meat” watermelons. Yellow meat watermelons are common in Texas, but are not so often seen in Scandinavia, but sometimes are found here too! Cut a triangle in the side of it…. Read more »

Very Traditional de Plicque Family’ Christmas Holiday Eggnog!

22 Nov

Une Boisson de Noel: Les Oeufs a la creme fraiche, sucré et glacée Äggtoddy (på svenska) Munatoti (suomeksi) Ingredients. For: 8 servings (This recipe can be doubled for more guests) Fresh Eggs (separated into yolks/whites) 6 Sugar (divided into 2 equal parts) 250g (x2) You can use “White Rum” or… Read more »