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Fat City! Feb 18th and 21st: KIM BURRELL! Nuf’ said!

10 Feb

“Fat City!” with Dj Risto-Kalle=Christian-Charles KIM BURRELL! Nuf’ said! La Grande “Diva” of Gospel! This sista’ KAN SANG Y’ALL! It’s the night time is the right time to listen to Finlands’ one and only ” Fat City!” on Radio Dei with Dj Risto-Kalle (Christian-Charles). Hear it via the internet, internationally,… Read more »

Fat City! Oct 2nd and 5th 2013: Kim Burrell!

18 Sep

Humble “GOSPEL DIVA!”: Sister Kim, as in BURRELL! on Radio Dei’s Fat City! Tietoa suomeksi | Info på svenska     Kimberly (Kim) Burrell is an American gospel singer from Houston, Texas. She calls her musical style jazz gospel. She has quickly become one of the most influential voices in the genre. She’s  said… Read more »

Fat City! Kim! As in: BURRELL! 6th and 9th February 2013

28 Jan

Kim Burrell from Houston Texas! A jazz gospel singer often said to be “this generation’s Ella Fitzegarald”.   . . . . . . CD Cover of : Kim Burrell – Now Ways Tired (2009) . . . . . . . . .            … Read more »