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Keski-Pohjanmaa -lehti 22.5.2014

29 May

A clip (in Finnish) from the Finnish Keski-Pohjanmaa news paper May 22nd 2014 discussing Christian-Charles’s and Jarkka Rissanen’s new live album “Live from Finland”   Leike Keski-Pohjanmaa -lehdestä 22.5.2014, sivu 15 (kulttuuripalsta): juttu “Risto-Kallen” ja Jarkka Rissasen livelevystä “Live in Finland”. Tallenne on itse asiassa vuodelta 1988.  

Fat City! May 14th & 18th 2014: “Live in Finland”!

8 May

For the full hour on “Fat City!” The World Premiere of my new cd! And get this: for a Limited Edition Only, there will be a White Vinyl also available!   My brother and dear friend for over 35 years. We have ministered likewise over 3 decades and carried the Gospel… Read more »

Angel House International Records press release 7.5.2014

8 May

Here’s Angel House International Records’s new press release. Download PDF: Press release May 7th 2014 – AHI     The same in HTML form below:   Angel House International Records Press Release                 Christian-Charles de Plicque   Like an asteroid plummets toward earth and… Read more »

Live in Finland! Sound bites from the upcoming album!

18 Mar

Here are sound bites from the upcoming album “Live in Finland!” by Christian-Charles de Plicque and Jarkka Rissanen!   [jwplayer playlistid=”3402″] 18032014/AL

See poster: Live in Finland! New album! White vinyl and CD!

8 Mar

Updated poster, March 31st 2014