What’s Your Ministry?

24 Feb

Is everything we do ministry? Nothing is automatically ministry, even preaching a sermon or teaching Sunday school, and any role or arena in daily life has ministry opportunities.

People mistakenly say someone is “entering the ministry”, when he or she goes to seminary or enrols in a Bible School. But all of us become Christian ministers, when we are baptised. In the baptismal rite we say: “We receive you as fellow members of the Body of Christ…and workers with us in the Kingdom of God”. We build up the Body of Christ within the congregation, but our “ministry” is primarily in the world, outside of the church building.

Martin Luther called our roles in daily life our: “stations”. Our call to serve does not take us away from our daily duties, but more deeply into them. Our vocation as a salesperson, maintenance worker, teacher, parent, daughter, son, is rooted in the forgiveness of sins.

In baptism our self-serving is buried with Christ, and we are raised to New Life, and called to ministry. Freed from bondage, we can love and serve our neighbors and share the Love of Christ Jesus with them in the language of the workplace.

Why am I sent from worship, into the world with: “Go in peace. Serve the Lord”, and then not asked if I have served when I return next Sunday? We should ask one another that question when we gather for worship and education.

We need to know, not from a negative aspect, what those with whom we worship do all week. This helps us support them in the difficult task of discerning their calling, and allows us to hold one another mutually accountable, for their/our ministry, in God’s name.

Congregations need to provide opportunities for members to think about their daily life ministries and explore basic questions together: “Where are you on workdays? What do you do there? What are the needs for ministry? What issues of faith do you encounter? What support do you need from your congregation so that you can more effectively “minister” at work?

A helpful resource is:
“Where In the World Are you? Connecting Faith and daily Life”
A practical Guide for Congregations.
Published by the Alban Institute 1996 USA, but can be found on the web also.

Christian-Charles de Plicque, Evangelist
Journalist for Finland’s Österbottningen Tidning
Angel House International Missions Ministries Association r.f.

Karleby Finland
February 2000

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